Pellet z łuski słonecznika


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We can meet with the demand for sunflower husk pellets. Yes, we can pack it in big bags as you want. In the agricultural plantations and magazine production in Spain. We are one of the largest production and sales companies in the UK and Spain. Below is the procedure of purchase:

CIF sales price .... 70 Euro per MT


Total moisture as received 9.19%
3.97% ash on a dry
ash as received 3.61%
volatile matter in the dry 73.65%
Volatiles, and received 66.88%
in a dry heating value of 4813 kcal / kg (20.15 MJ / kg),
the calorific value received as 4371 kcal / kg (18.30 MJ / kg)
given calorific value of 4064 kcal / kg (17.02 MJ / kg)
in dry sulfur 0.25%
sulfur, as received 0.23%
of 8 mm diameter
4-10 mm length
density of 1-1.4 kg / dm ^ 3
loose weight 650 kg / m ^ 3

We are manufacture of sunflower husk pellets, sunflower husk is the best in its class. it also include the percentage of oil so its calorific value is good in its class of purchasers of our contact .Looking product.please more information

Minimum order: 100t

Maximum order: 50000t

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